Just thought i’d take the time to talk about one of my most recent shoots with Donna. In this post I will talk about lighting set up and various equipment used. This I feel is something that should happen more often where a photographer talks about the shot and how he/she lit the subject.

From the diagram below you can see that for this shot a simple lighting setup was used. Key light camera right (sb-600 shoot-through) 1/4 power. Grey background flash lit with another sb-600 with a blue gel 1/2 power. This gives the impression that a blue background was used. I’ve found that by using a grey background, it can be gel lit better than using a white background.

This simple but effective shot is complemented by a subtle crop and by getting the subject to turn slightly so that they are not directly face on with the camera. With a little processing and adjustments here is the final shot.