The Dress Still Fits

The Dress Still Fits

Colin & Anna were the winners of the “Valentine’s Day” competition which saw a few hundred people enter! Having spoke with Anna, she knew straight away what idea she wanted to do and the exact location she had in mind.


“We came up with the idea to dawn our wedding attire and have some fun and quirky pictures taken at Mussaden temple as it is a place I would have loved to go the day of the wedding but with it being so far away I wanted to spend as little time of the day traveling and as much as possible with my guests. The temple is a place Colin and I both love and have spent a lot of time at each year when on our camping trips. With a bit of effort I finally got squeezed into the dress which I blame solely on the dry cleaning and not the fact of contentment ;)”


5.30am alarm goes off…. Snooze button pressed a couple of times…. We arrived at the Temple ready to shoot at 7am, just in time for the wonderful sunrise that was anticipated. Here is a series of photos taken on the morning. Real credit to both Colin & Anna for braving the cold morning and producing quite a collection of lovely photographs

Recently married and fancy the idea of getting back into your wedding attire to capture those fun and creative ideas that were missed on the big day? Feel free to get in touch to arrange a session.


  1. Helen Weir - April 15, 2012

    What a fantastic, fun set of pics! Nice work.

  2. Noleen spurgeon - April 15, 2012

    Would love this done sooooo perfect always what I wanted as wedding photo